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Refugees / Birds 12" Vinyl

Refugees packshot.jpg
Refugees packshot.jpg

Refugees / Birds 12" Vinyl

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On heavy weight vinyl with hand screen printed sleeve, exclusive to vinyl tracks 'Birds' and 'Blackbirds' with locked groove.

The first song to come out this is Refugees’, a gentle, piano-led ballad laying emphasis on his enchanting vocal.

'Refugees' is an  exploration of the relationship between industry and nature, run through with a remarkable and tender openness. Inspired in part by a shift in his relationship with his homeland, as well as by Spirit of 45 — Ken Loach’s tribute to the British welfare state.

This is followed by Birds, an orchestral delight played by a large group of baroque musicians, that demonstrates the full scale of of Meilyrs compositional talent.  

“I wrote 'Birds' to follow 'Refugees'  as one piece. Meilyr says. The idea is that you go from indoors, with piano and voice, to outdoors and to nature with Birds. It was influenced by the early Roman wall paintings  that I saw in Rome, a photograph of which is used for the artwork of the Single.